Friday, February 3, 2012

Its my Anniversary

Before you get the wrong idea, its not that kind of anniversary.  It is my living in the Dominican Republic for one month anniversary. I have successfully completed one month of living in DR.  This month has flown by so fast.  It feels more like I have been here for a few days. In one month I have grown in various ways.  My Spanish: When having a conversation with a Dominican, I am better able to understand what is being said to me   It was so hard in the beginning. I felt like i could not understand anything. However this has changed in a month.  I am also getting better at speaking. Still a lot of errors but I am getting there.  I have experienced three earthquakes in one month.  I have successfully learned how to take a concho around the city and how to call a taxi and explain where I am. I am volunteering as a teacher at the local high school helping students with their English. I have made some wonderful friendships and so much more.  All of this in one month. I am still amazed.

In this one month, God has really been helping me and strengthening me.  He has also allowed me to help others which is what I love the most. As I have been reading my daily devotionals, I have been learning so much.  Today I was reading about Moses and when God first presented Himself to him through a burning bush.  Moses was afraid and did not want to do what God was asking him to do. He probably felt like it was to big of a task for a simple person like him. However God told him to just go and that He would help him. He would help him speak and teach him what he needed to do.  I was kind of like Moses before I came here.  I was so nervous and kept telling myself I don't think I can do this.  I did not think I would be able to handle living in another country. But I pushed through and made my way here. Imagine if I would of chickened out and decided to not come? I would have missed out on so many opportunities.  So I realized that when I decided to put my fear to the side and get on that plane, I was kind of like Moses.  I trusted and believed that God would teach me and show me all the things I needed to do to survive here. Well, here I am still standing a month later! Happy anniversary to me :)   

I am not sure what God has for me here in DR. Maybe it is to just study and enjoy the beautiful sights. Or maybe it's to fulfill another apart of my destiny/His will for my life. I believe the latter part of this statement. Only time will tell!

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