Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Four Seasons of Life

Today, I encountered the best smelling soap ever!!!!  It was called Bright Autumn Day from Bath & Body works (small advertisement, haha). You could literally smell ALL the scents of fall. As I savored the smell (yes it smelled that good and I’m a weirdo lol), I got to thinking about all four seasons and how each season serves a purpose.  Fall is the season in which the leaves fall and the trees become bare.  There is a period of transition. All dead leaves are falling off making way for new ones to come.  Winter, our coldest month, is the season where everything is barren.  Nothing is growing and it seems as if everything is at a stand still.  Then spring comes around and slowly but surely, we see the little flowers and leaves budding, bringing about a fresh start. And finally there is summer. One of the hottest seasons. Full of joy, vacations, and FUN FUN FUN! Now that we are all caught up on what happens in each season (you’re welcome lol), how does this connect to everyday life?
In life, we all go through seasons.  When we are going through the Fall season of our life, dead things are being stripped away.  Things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives are taken away and never to be seen again.  Sometimes we go through a season of barrenness (Old man Winter), in which it seems as if nothing is happening for us.  It’s cold. It’s painful and we cannot see past what is in front of us. During this season, there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of wondering when things will begin to turn around. But then comes good ol’ spring, giving us a renewed sense of hope. All the preparation that took place during the winter begins to manifest itself in the form of new dreams, visions and fresh beginnings.  In spring, we continue to plant seeds and the storms of life come around to water them.  It helps us to grow in order for us to operate in our summer season.  Summer season is the best season of all.  In this season, we thrive like never before.  We take our newly, grown flowers and we share them with everyone else.  We take our blessings, our lessons, our dreams and we share it with others in hopes that they would be encouraged and inspired. 

Whatever season you might find yourself in at this point in your life, just know that it serves a purpose.  Things may not always go the way you want them to go and the process may get hard during those fall and winter seasons. However, there is joy in knowing that our spring and summer seasons are a guarantee.  God has not promised us that everyday will be a great day but what He has promised is that He will be with us wherever we go. He will never leave us or forsake us and we can always count on that. Therefore, that means He is walking with us through every season of our lives. Let’s trust him and ask that He would help us to learn during these seasons.  Furthermore, lets ask Him to show us how we can encourage others through our seasonal transitions.