Monday, May 12, 2014

I Will Follow You

So Ive been on this journey of reading my Bible from the absolute beginning and what a journey it has been! Stories that have been told and preached about so many times all contain new revelation for me. I've been learning and most importantly growing. With that being said, I am currently in the book of Ruth. It is such a short book yet filled with so much depth and various life lessons. In the first chapter alone, there is so much going on. As we all know, Naomi loses her husband as well as her two sons. One of the sons were married to Ruth. Naomi decides it is time to travel back to her land and her two daughter-in-laws leave with her. However, while they are on their way, she tells them to go back. She has nothing to offer them anymore. She tells them that she doesn't have any more sons for them to marry, so whats the point of them going with her? The two girls cried and refused to leave. Naomi was persistent in her request for them to return back to their homes and to their god. Orpah finally gave in and returned home. However, Ruth was not budging.  She refused to leave Naomi. She clung to her. Ruth was adamant about going with Naomi to this new unknown land and she was willing to give up the familiar to venture into unfamiliar territory. (Ruth 1:16-17).